Anastasia Skyline Sure Looks Good Showing Off Her Divine Butt While On A Floatie, Don't You Think?

Image via Instagram/anastasia_skyline

After a day full of crazy work, there isn't a better view than going on top of a skyscraper, grabbing a beer or some wine and looking out at the skyline of a city as the sun sets. Lucky for us, there's another Skyline worth checking out today that's even better to stare at—model Anastasia Skyline!

Hailing from Russia, Anastasia has been pretty nice with the stuff she's been posting onto her Instagram account lately, with this one of her divine butt a personal favorite.

So while a sunset slowly setting is a sight to be seen over a skyline of a city, I'd rather just scroll down Anastasia Skyline's Instagram to get my fill of awesomeness.