Meet Anfisa From '90 Day Fiancé', The Only Non-Kardashian Reality Star We Give a Crap About


When it comes to reality TV "celebrities," the only ones we usually know are the Kardashians and — yeah, we guess that's about it. But recently we stumbled across 90 Day Fiancé's Anfisa Arkhipchenko's Instagram, and now we're a little obsessed.

There's a lot more to this Russian model than her scantily clad selfies — really! The video below takes you through six unusual facts you definitely didn't know about her. But fair warning — once you watch the video, you'll either fall in love with her even more or join her angry mob of mouthy critics.

Sure, Anfisa is a polarizing figure, considering her "gold digging" nature and all. But frankly, we think she's sort of awesome. Her husband is this guy.

On 90 Day Fiancé (you know, in case your girlfriend made you watch it), he lured her over to America with the promise of expensive bags and McMansions, which Anfisa demanded right away (along with a $10,000 monthly allowance). However, it later turned out that her husband was actually broke and in debt. Was our fiesty Russian upset about this? Well, she slapped the crap out of him, so there was that.

Regardless of what people have been saying about her, she's not afraid to clapback at every single one of her haters. In fact, you'll often find her on Facebook or Instagram laying some smackdown on the usual Internet trolls.

"Why do so many people, especially women, try to put me down?" she wrote on Facebook. "I didn't do anything bad to any of you. In fact, I would love it if women could learn to know their worth and that they deserve the best. So many women could do so much better (in terms of relationship, career, etc.), they just don't realize it."

Damn straight.