Anna Kendrick Says She High-Fived The First Guy Who Got Her To, Uh, 'Yell Very, Very Loudly' In Bed

Image via Instagram/annakendrick47

Actress Anna Kendrick is awesome. She's talented, gorgeous, has a sense of humor and... OK, you get the point. For those reasons, and a ton more, it's not hard to understand why so many guys crush on Anna, right? Well, we were just given one more reason—because she high-fived the first guy who ever gave her an orgasm, via Maxim.

"So hey, first time I’ve had an orgasm during that whole situation. I raised my hand for a high five. 'Up top!' The guy apparently didn't take the compliment very well, but let's be honest, any form of communication and camaraderie in your sex life should be a good thing."

See what I mean? How could you not find that little high-fiving gesture to be cute? OK, so it may have been awkward for the guy, but, dude, you just gave Anna Kendrick her first ever OG, that's something to be proud of.

We wouldn't recommend following suit and go around tossing up high-fives to all the ladies who successfully get you off, fellas.

H/T Maxim

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