Anna Paulina Tells Us All The Outdoorsy Stuff To Take Your Lady To This Winter

Guys, you've probably noticed our ongoing crush with Anna Paulina over the past few months. Seriously, ever since we came across her Instagram account, we, seemingly, can't stop writing about her and sharing the military vet's pictures with you.

Naturally, we couldn't just sit around and keep double-tapping her pics to try and give her a sign, so we reached out to Anna to see if she could give some tips to help guys out with women. And, although she's a future doctor, don't be fooled, this gal is all about the outdoors.

Luke Bryan once said, "huntin', fishin' and lovin' everyday, that's the prayer that this country boy prays," but it's Anna Paulina who's living that motto more than most guys probably are. Not only is she unafraid to get her hands a little dirty, but the brunette's pretty happy that, to quote Bryan, "she was made this way," known to ride around on her motorcycle and is a sponsored shooter for Smith and Wesson Accessories! Guys, we're basically telling you that, unlike some other hot Instagram models, Anna's not just sitting around and avoiding the great outdoors.

Whether it's this winter or another season, Anna Paulina told us some outdoorsy things that you can do with your woman — even if she's not a certified (sexy) badass like she is.

FHM: You Hilariously Described Yourself As A "Tomboy That Hit Puberty," Have You Always Been Into The Outdoors?

Anna Paulina: (laughs) "Yes! While growing up, overalls and skinned knees were my thing. As for puberty; I was so angry when I started growing boobs that I actually tried to tape them down with packing tape. You can only wish boobs away for so long before hormones take over. Eventually, I learned what makeup was and the rest was history. So, yes, ever since I was little, I’ve always made excuses to be outside rather than cooped up indoors."

FHM: So It's Safe To Say You Don't Have A Problem With Getting A Little Dirty?

Anna Paulina: "Absolutely! If you can’t get a little dirt on your hands, well, where's the fun in that? Can’t let you boys have all the fun!"

FHM: That's So Different From Most Women, Where'd That Love For Badass Things Come From?

Anna Paulina: "Well, sometimes, fate deals you a sweet card and, poof, a unicorn is born! Kidding, of course. I’ll have to give credit to my dad. I’m my Father’s only child, so he couldn’t be preferential with treatment, he basically treated me like a son. When I was about six, he started bringing me to the range. Eventually, when I became a stronger swimmer, it was skin-diving. The weekends over winter were never spent at home. They were spent on the slopes in California. Most importantly, from an early age, he taught me the importance of being independent. I guess that’s why I’m so adventurous."

FHM: You Even Have A Ducati Monster And Your Motorcycle License: Are You Sure You're Real?

Anna Paulina: "Yes! I started riding a few years ago, although the safety riding course was miserable. I felt like the Michelin Man in all my mandatory safety gear, and happened to take the course on the one weekend in Florida when it was hotter than hell outside. I didn’t plan on telling my parents. My mom eventually found out one weekend when she flew out to see me and saw my bike in the garage. Whoops!"

FHM: OK, We Need Tips: What's A Must-Do For Guys To Do Outdoors With Their Ladies?

Anna Paulina: "Well, gents, as much as you may not want to here this, it's dependent on the lady! But, fear not, I’m breaking it down easily. One: There are two types of camping; the OG form and 'Glamping.' Two: For the super girlie woman, then I suggest a cute 'one night under the stars' type of deal with a blowup mattress in the back of a pickup, soft blankets and at least a public restroom. Otherwise, you may end up with poison oak on her undercarriage after she attempts to answer nature's call in the bushes. Think simple, short and amenities. Three: For the go-getter who isn’t afraid of getting a bit dirty, then bust out the camping gear and those hiking boots! I’m talking about pitching a tent somewhere close to waterfalls! Chicks love that! Four: No matter what, bring S’mores and make it a surprise! Women love to know that you’ve gone through the effort of planning something, and you can never go wrong with chocolate!"

FHM: What If The Woman's Not Digging The Idea, Any Suggestions On Changing Her Mind?

Anna Paulina: "It’s always the thought that counts! If she’s not feeling it, then ask her what her idea of a perfect day is, and surprise her with exactly that! There will be some women who you won’t be able to persuade, but you can compromise, and that will go a long way in the relationship. Remember, baby steps!"

All images via Anna Paulina's Instagram.

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