NASA Debunks 'Anonymous' Video Claiming We Found Aliens, Too Bad Every Major News Publication Believed It

Image Via Anonymous News

Before we get into the debunking/laughing at major news publications, I'll summarize briefly. The hacker collective, "Anonymous" or at least, someone posing as a member, went ahead and released a pretty outlandish video (as seen below) claiming that aliens were a-coming around the mountain and that NASA would be making an announcement. Take a look—

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Now, as someone who works in the industry, would I have written an article about this video claiming it as fact? Eh, I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, I subscribe to the hype of conspiracy theories and governmental manipulation, secrets, etc. but I don't think it's a solid idea to make mankind believe, WITH CERTAINTY, that aliens are on their way.

LOL, I can't believe I actually had to clarify that. Really, is fact-checking no longer a job? 3 sources and then to print? No? Not a thing? Well, I'm sure it is, but when each publication is using the other publication as a source and the news is FAKE it gets REAL messy, REAL fast. I mean, hell, did anyone think to contact NASA? These are publications with CLOUT, NASA would answer, I'm sure.

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As per The Washington Post the following headlines were published:

No judgement to either of those sites specifically, a lot of people did it and despite my steely-reserve, had I caught wind, yeah, maybe I would have too. Yes, I realize I'm not counteracting my argument. I'm starting to feel like a bully, sue me.

The official debunk came from a tweet, of course. So here it is, no aliens, no yet anyway—

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