Anthony Bourdain's Hangover Cure Sounds Like Something Worth Trying The Next Time You're Blitzed

Image via Instagram

Longtime TV host and ultimate badass Anthony Bourdain is known for traveling around the globe and having the time of his life—again and again. And while we'd all, happily, trade spots with him, the dude has had several instances on his shows The Layover and more recently Parts Unknown where he resembled a college kid after a three-day binger, waking up drunk as a skunk and looking or a hangover cure.

Turns out Bourdain has just the trick, as he told TMZ last month exactly what his go-to move is when he's got a throbbing headache and his body hates the decisions he made the night prior.


Simply put, that's just about the greatest hangover cure I've ever heard of in my life. No, seriously, aspirin will help the swelling in your brain, the Coca-Cola will help put some sugar in your system and wake you up, the pot will get rid of the anxiety of feeling like death and the heat from the spicy Sichuan food will knock out all that congestion you've surely got from lack of sleep.

Of course, if you want a tried and true hangover recipe, there's always the one science has discovered works the best—but Anthony Bourdain's just sounds more fun, doesn't it?

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