Antje Utgaard Talks Dating And Tells Us The Craziest Place She's Ever Had Sex

There's no woman we like to write about and gawk over than Antje Utgaard. That's not to say we don't love all the ladies we come across on the regular, but there's just something about the Wisconsin native dubbed as the ""Next Kate Upton" that we really, really enjoy.

With over 900,000 Instagram followers, it's clear to see that we're not the only ones who find lots of joy in what Antje posts.

Well, guess what? We got a chance to sit down with her and try our best to spill the beans on lots of stuff, including first dates, what she looks for in a guy and, yep, even the craziest place she's ever had sex.

After talking with her, we came to a conclusion: Antje Utgaard really is the perfect woman.

What's it like being one of the most popular Instagram models on the planet?

"It's absolutely crazy! My life has definitely changed dramatically because of my popularity on Instagram... which may sound silly but, these days, it really can get your foot in the door out here in Hollywood. The experiences I've had and the opportunities I've been given are nothing short of a dream. Sometimes, I feel like my life is like a movie. It's quite exhilarating."

Does it ever feel weird that so many men just love staring at you, or is it something you're clearly used to by now?

"It was weird at first and a little annoying, to be honest, but I've gotten used to it by now. Although, you can still find me blushing from time to time."

Any weird stories from fans or just guys in general trying to slide into your DMs to hit on you?

(laughing) "Oh the DMs! I have some crazy stories, but I'll probably keep the specifics to myself on account that there's a good chance the people I talk about will read this. Let's just say, I've heard and seen it all."

What's the one piece of advice you'd give men to up their chances with you (or any woman, for that matter)?

"Make me laugh and be kind. Don't be so aggressive when coming on to a girl. Work smarter, not harder."

Say we were lucky enough to score a date with you, how do you envision it going down?

"We would probably go get dinner and, hopefully, have great conversation over some wine. Then go do something spontaneous and fun or romantic, like take a walk on the beach, and if we really hit it off then... well, I'll just let you're minds wonder from there."

We like where this is going. Let's get a little close to the line, then: Do you sleep with a guy on the first date, never, or kind of depends?

"Kind of depends. If I'm really digging him and he's really digging me and we have a great connection, conversation and the sexual tension is running high, then sure, why not!"

We'll resist the urge on asking where the craziest place is that you've ever had sex, but would you at least give us a subtle hint?

"Let's just say it got really wet." (wink, wink)

What is it about modeling that makes you feel so empowered and/or sexy?

"Getting to see the art and imagery I'm able to create in a photo is very empowering. Seeing and understanding that my curves are sexy and I should embrace them and express them in my own way. Modeling has made me more confident in myself and in my body. I think everyone should love the way they look and shouldn't be afraid to flaunt what they have or to strike a pose."

You were born in WI, so are you more of a Aaron Rodgers or JJ Watt kind of lady?

"I'm an Aaron Rodgers type of girl! I love my Green Bay Packers."

Any crazy hobbies or talents that you think people should know about you?

"I was a dancer for 18 years, so I'm extremely flexible, especially in my back."

We have to ask: What’s your most embarrassing moment—you know, just so guys know you’re actually human.

"I've had a lot of embarrassing moments in my lifetime, and I'm sure the worst has yet to come, but the most embarrassing to date was when I got up on stage to perform at a dance competition and, as soon as the music started, I forgot half of the choreography, leaving me to improvise things... which made it so much worse. I slipped and fell on my face right before it ended, too, so, yeah, not my best performance."

What should we expect from you next?

"Expect to see a lot more of me. I'm working towards moving more into film and TV in the near future, and, of course, progressing in my modeling career as well."

OK, let's to some quick rapid fire questions, ready?

Celebrity Crush? "Ryan Gosling."

Guilty Pleasure? "Sweets. I love some ice cream, candy, cake and cookies."

Worst Pickup Line? "Did it hurt? When you fell from Heaven."

First thing you look for in a guy? "Nice smile."

Late-night food choice? "Rum Raisin Ice Cream"

See more sexy pictures of Antje Utgaard below, and make sure to follow her on Instagram.

Lead image provided by photographer Bryan DeWitt.

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