Are These Ridiculously Extreme Freakshakes Gross Or Incredible?

You know those milkshakes you've seen about that are covered in loads of toppings and dressed up with a giant doughnut? They're called freakshakes, and people have gone a bit mental for them in Australia.

So mental in fact, that it prompted one photographer to go way, way further and create these monster milkshakes. That photographer's name is Alana Dimou, and she's er, really pushed the boat out.

See the below...

We thought we'd ask her about them, mostly out of curiosity, but also because we kind of want to make one ourselves. Kind of...

So, where did this idea come from?

"People are going crazy over freakshakes in Sydney cafes. They need to have one, they’ll line up for hours for it, they need to Instagram the milkshake, they must show everybody how they’ve managed attained this illusive food item."

And you thought you'd go one step further by making it yourself?

"Yes! The behind the scenes footage would have been entirely unglamorous: me at home by myself, frying up bacon, blending milk and attempting to balance an entire chicken on a mason jar."

No photo trickery?

"These are all real, not photoshopped. Balancing these monsters required some patience and A+ Jenga skills. I didn’t have too much trouble keeping everything standing tall, surprisingly. No hidden scaffolding or huge skewers keeping everything together, just gravity being kind to me."

Would you ever have one?

"I don’t know. I’d hope not."
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Photos: Alana Dimou
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