Arianny Celeste Vacations Without Top On In Mexico (And We Can't Look Away)

It's no secret that we're very big fans of Arianny Celeste here at FHM. Do we really need to explain why? No, I didn't think so.

The American ring girl and model is back on the scene this week with super sexy topless photos. According to TMZ, Arianny has been vacationing in Tulum, Mexico where it's pretty common to walk around as scantily clad (if not naked) as possible. Well, we certainly aren't complaining, take a look:

The best part about Arianny is that she looks as beautiful in a candid photograph as she does in formal photoshoots. That's a rarity in today's day and age, so good for her. As per usual, we hope to see more of this bombshell in the future!

Now, on a serious note, anyone want to take a trip to Tulum?

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