Ariel Winter's 10 Most Memorable Instagram Moments

Remember when actress Ariel Winter first broke onto the scene by playing Alex Dunphy on the TV show Modern Family? Yeah, she was the perfect nerdy, shy, awkward and smart younger sister, with the older sister, Haley Dunphy—played by actress Sarah Hyland—constantly reminding her younger sibling how weird she was.

While Haley may have gotten all the guys and all the attention on the show, it's off the show that Ariel has really taken center stage, and one can look at her Instagram account as the reason for all of the added attention—because, wow, it is on fire!


That's because the 19-year-old Winter holds very little back when posting, showing off some phenomenal curves that are capable of giving a person a headache from dizziness if trying to follow them all.

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Of course, showing off such sexiness can have its backlash... and, unfortunately, Ariel Winter has seen her fair share from the things she wears on Instagram or out about about to events

In fact, when people questioned her outfit to a panel discussion with her Modern Family costars back in May—where every other actor was pretty casual, but Ariel showed up glammed out—she had to stand up for herself and shoot down the haters, posting this on Instagram.

Hey, Ariel, haters gonna hate, so just keep doing you!

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But, since we're big fans of her work on Instagram—look, she's just doing what any other 19-year-old girl's doing on there—we figured we'd give you some of her finest moments from the photo-sharing app, which includes so many sexy photos of her that it's hard to sit still.

We hope (and know) that you'll enjoy these.

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