Ariel Winter Channels Classic Hollywood Beauty In Sultry New Photoshoot

With a career spanning over the past decade, 3.5 million Instagram followers and a media presence as relevant as any Kardashian, it's hard to remember that Miss Ariel Winter is only 19-years-old, but a las, she is! It's clear that the starlet is wise-beyond-her-years and the subjects of her new Imagista interview are a testament to that. She discussed Modern Family fame, new projects, and of course, how she stays so grounded and level-headed in an industry that's known for quite the opposite.

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Imagista: "Modern Family is such a huge show, with such a big following, can you tell us what it is like being part of that cast and playing Alex Dunphy?"

Ariel Winter: "It is amazing, honestly. I am so grateful that I get to play her, I am so lucky to be part of the best cast ever. Everyone I work with is so lovely and talented and kind. We have the best writers and creators and producers and crew, we really are super lucky."

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Imagista: "What are you working on right now that you are most excited about?"

Ariel Winter: "I did a movie last year with Burt Reynolds called Dog Years and that just made it to Tribeca, so we were just there so I am very, very proud of that. We also got to ring the bell at the New York Stock Exchange, that was amazing. Right now, I am honestly waiting to see what happens next for me. We are waiting to see if the show is going to be renewed and that is that."

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Imagista: "How do you stay grounded and level headed in this industry?"

Ariel Winter: "I have a great group of people around me. My family, my friends, my boyfriend, everyone is really incredible and they really just help me remember where I come from and who I am. Fame is really not what is important, what is important is doing what you love and making both yourself and those around you happy."

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