Ariel Winter Rocks Neon Pink Hair And A TON Of Cleavage At Coachella

We could write about Ariel Winter everyday and never get sick of her. The Modern Family star is just too sexy to pass up. Seriously, look at her!! Those curves, those eyes, that smile. SWOON.

This past weekend Winter attended Coachella, a festival widely known for it's beautiful women and their tiny outfits...oh yeah, and some music. Anyway, Ariel was almost unrecognizable in what we assume to be a long, neon pink wig. We're going to put an emphasis on, almost, however, because despite the funky hair, there was no mistaking those curves belonging to anyone other than Ms. Winter.

In most of the pictures she can be seen snuggling up to her boyfriend. EYE ROLL. Despite the beau getting in the way, she looked sexy as hell in tiny jean shorts and a ripped white crop-top barely containing her assets. We're not entirely surprised by Winter's cleavage this year, as she went with a very similar look at Coachella last year, but surprise or not, we're lovin' it!

Ariel has spoken out against the haters many-a-time regarding her fashion choices. She isn't ashamed to show off her body and she's basically asked anyone who has a problem with that to f-ck off. You tell em' girl! Keep doing your thing. We fully support you! Now let's hope she'll be at Coachella weekend two.

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