Armed Robber Chased From A Sex Shop After Employees Threw Dildos At Him (VIDEO)

Image via YouTube

I've never understood the appeal of being a thief. Sure, being a good one has its perks—like lots of money and, above all, avoiding arrest of any sort of punishment—but the bad ones, man, those guys are terrible.

Take this poor dude from San Bernardino, California, who had the balls to walk into a sex shop, hold up employees by pointing a gun at them and trying to load up on cash from the register. Problem is, the workers found self-defense weapons—giant dildos to throw at him!

Talking to ABC 7 in Los Angeles, one of the workers said she confronted the burglar with the sex toys because she could tell the gun he was holding was fake.

"With the gun, he walked in. I just thought he was trying to be funny, to scare us," she said. "But then I saw the gun and it was like, really? I don't have time for this."

She started yelling at him, and at one point he grabbed her. That's when a coworker at the store started throwing sex toys at him. Eventually he fled the store empty-handed.

"I think he was a coward," said the store's other employee. "Coming in and trying to get over on two females and not realizing that were pretty feisty."

Pretty ballsy move by the lady to start throwing a giant silicone dick out of an assumption she had about the gun, but it did work, so props to her.

Cops are still on the hunt for this awful thief, so here's to hoping they catch him soon—because he doesn't deserve to even be considered a robber after getting chased out of a store by a bunch of flying dildos.


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