The U.S. Army Is Testing Out A New AI Exoskeleton That Would Make Iron Man Blush (VIDEO)

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The term Army exoskeleton can be pretty alarming to anyone who isn't aware that it's just a fancy name for bionic suit. You know, the thing Iron Man wears. Yep, that's right! Super-human strength isn't just reserved for the pages of comic books anymore. To be fair, it never really was. The U.S. Military has always had access to the sort of technology and engineering average citizens could only dream of (or see in any Science Fiction movie). That being said, this new AI exoskeleton rivals anything you'd come across at Comic Con.

The suit is designed to analyze and replicate a number of components involved in combat — including individual walking patterns, adding additional torque, power and mobility, as well as the ability to carry a heavier load. As per Business Insider Keith Maxwell, senior program manager, exoskeleton technology, at Lockheed Martin explains:

"We’ve had this on some of the Army’s elite forces, and they were able to run with high agility carrying full loads. We were showing a decrease in the metabolic cost of transport, the measure of how much energy is required to climb uphill. It knows what you are trying to do when you are trying to do it. It locks and gives you a forward torque-twist that causes the lower leg to move toward the back, then it reverses direction to bring your leg forward."

As you also saw in the video, this exoskeleton could revolutionize the lives of soldiers who were injured in combat and that's something worth noting. Of course, the idea is to enhance the combat experience, but at the end of the day, it would be amazing to allow those who served honorably to utilize these technological advances.

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