Arnold Is Back, And He Wants To Help You Get Fit

The Governator is back, and this time he wants to help you get your physical fitness at the peakest of levels.

Arnold Schwarzenegger just released this awesome inspiration video from his YouTube channel:

While it does seem like nothing more than a charity-driven T-shirt sale, Schwarzenegger promises "this is just the beginning."

The beginning of what, we're not sure. But it's very likely that he will use his influence in the public sphere, as well as his legendary status in the world of professional bodybuilding, to launch a new fitness movement or training methodology.

From awesome one-liners to impeccable pecs, Arnold is to many the embodiment of the ultimate badass, so we'll definitely follow his lead into a world of defined biceps and triceps for all.

In the meantime, maybe pick up one of his shirts at represent.com. Proceeds go to a great cause, after all -- After-School All-Stars, a program Arnold helped to build himself.