This 'Game Of Thrones' Fan Tribute To Arya Stark Proves She's Always Been The Baddest B*tch In Westeros

Image Via YouTube

Love her or hate her, Arya Stark has become one of the most integral characters on Game of Thrones and considering how the last season ended, that's unlikely to change anytime soon — nor would we want it to! Spoiler alert: she killed Little Finger AND Walder Frey, what more could she possibly do to distinguish herself from the rest of the women on the show?

She's no Khaleesi, but that's OK — Arya's character was never destined for pretty dresses and marriage, she was destined to rule with an iron fist, or in this case, iron sword. The tribute below from The Garo Studios is surely enough to bring a tear to any true GoT fan's eyes.



With such a whirlwind season 7, it's easy for viewers to forget just how much Arya has been through in season's past, but this tribute reminds us of her bravery, strength, and resilience as a true lone wolf. Of course, now that Winter has come it's time for her to return to the pack, and that she has!

Her reunion with Sansa and Bran was long-awaited and viewers can only speculate that her reunion with Jon will be even better! If there's one thing members of the fandom can rely on, it's that the Starks are always better together — er, except for The Red Wedding, but let's not go there.

We know some of y'all can't stand the direction the show has taken and hell, you might be bitter enough to give up on Game of Thrones for good but rest assured, with character development like this, giving up would be a travesty.


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