As It Turns Out, A Lot Of Young People Have No Clue How To Actually Use A Condom Properly

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We all know that using condoms can be a pain in the ass during sex, but, for so many reasons that are beneficial to your sexual health, it's important to use one. And while we all know that it's important, that doesn't necessarily mean we practice what we've been preached to.

And, according to a new study who interviewed 290 concertgoers between the ages of 18 and 29, are either using condoms wrong or, worse, not at all, per ABC North Coast.

A new study shows many young people feel over-confident about their condom skills, despite often using them incorrectly and inconsistently.

The study called Errors and Predictors of Confidence in Condom Use Amongst Young Australians Attending a Music Festival, included data from interviews with 290 people between 18 and 29 who attended a northern New South Wales music festival that cannot be named for privacy reasons.

The results found only 18 percent of those surveyed had always used condoms during sexual encounters in the past year.

It also found that almost half of respondents had seen a condom slip off during intercourse, and a little more than half had seen it come off when withdrawing the penis.

Here are the full results from the above study:

So what's the problem with all these millennials' condom game? Well, besides being cocky—pun intended—it turns out that they're forgetting the simplest thing after slipping on, according to Franklin John-Leader from the North Coast Positive Adolescent Sexual Health (PASH).

"They think they're pretty good at using condoms but that wasn't matched in the real skill observation... One of the common mistakes people make is not squeezing the tip of the condom, and that is actually clearly linked with condom failure."

Of course, squeezing the tip!

In addition to their poor condom skills, an alarming 94 percent of the respondents said that they were under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol during the time of intercourse in the past year, meaning their judgement was, well, less than stellar.

For that reason, John-Leader thinks that could be a leading problem.

"Even if you have the skills, when it comes to your ability or judgment to use them correctly, alcohol can be an issue," he said.

"When you have partying, alcohol involved and there's no access to condoms, that could be a mix for sexual transmitted diseases being quite common."

While we've all, presumably, taken sex ed or have tried to just wing it when it comes to properly using a condom, John-Leader believes that further instruction is necessary to help alleviate this growing problem.

"One of the major things we're concerned about is a lot of young people are not learning the correct way to put the condoms on properly," Mr John-Leader said.

"That's partly because some of the education programs we have currently in place may not look into that skillset."

Slipping on a condom may seem like the easiest and most minuscule task prior to sex, but with a generation of young people, at least from this survey, that they lack the knowledge to use one properly, more training needs to be done.

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