Ashley Graham's Hottest Moments Will Leave You Sweatin' (Even On This Cold Winter Day)

With a whopping 5.8 million Instagram followers, the ever-stunning Ashley Graham is one of the most beautiful models in the game right now. Hell, she's one of the sexiest ladies in the whole freakin' world. Her unwavering dedication to changing the face of an industry that previously believed plus-sized women to be obsolete is incredibly inspiring. For that, we honor her today and always!

Before we get into the aesthetics, why not shout out Miss Graham for some of her more admirable achievements as of late. Back in 2016 she released her own line of swimsuits for the company, Swimsuits For All. Her reasoning? Pretty simple! It was an issue that not only negatively impacted her life, but the lives of women everywhere just looking to feel good about themselves.

And, because Ashley Graham is such a major influence on women and body positivity, here's what she had to tell Refinery 29:

“For so long, society placed unfair standards on women, like you have to ‘get beach body ready,’” says Graham, a face for the company who released her own first collection with the brand in 2016. “I struggled finding suits in my size that weren't matronly, especially when I was in middle and high school, because traditional swim brands assumed girls with bigger hips, breasts and thighs wanted to cover it all up. Swimsuits For All gave me the opportunity to wear string bikinis unapologetically — even with cellulite and back fat — and also create sexy suits for other women to feel confident.”

If there's one thing that's for sure, Graham does NOT look matronly rocking a swimsuit nowadays. In fact, she looks the exact opposite — showing off her vivacious curves to the world at large! We definitely can't get enough and we suspect you guys will feel the very same way. Go ahead, enjoy pics so hot you might find yourself sweatin'.

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