Ashley Graham Goes Fully Nude In Latest NSFW Photoshoot (And We Reap The Benefits)

So, how does Ashley Graham spend her days? How about being photographed completely nude for the upcoming issue of V magazine, which shows the curvaceous model donning nothing but her stunning figure as part of their summer issue.

With the feature on Graham being titled “Body Beautiful”, Ashley makes sure she backs the entire vision up, unafraid to hold back and, as normal, promoting her sexy body.

Ashley has always been comfortable in her own skin, but, damn, these pics are even more revealing than some of her previous ones—which were already pretty racy to begin with, when you think about it.

Never one to back down from doing some sexy things for her more than 4 million Instagram followers, it's awesome to see Graham continue to be herself and be sexy for every single one of us to admire.

Gorgeous, savvy, smart and confident, Ashley Graham is just about as perfect as they come—and she's sure willing to prove it.

The pics are a little bit too NSFW for us to just show you unedited, but you can head on over to Huffington Post if you want to see the true version. Otherwise, the ones below will just have to do, guys.

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