Ashley Graham Talks Nude Photos And How She's Helping Reshape The Modeling Industry

You've really got to admire women like Ashley Graham, who's a body activist and model who is making a huge impact on the modeling industry thanks to her good looks and fearlessness.

Breaking barriers in a number of different ways, Ashley became the first size-16 model to grace the cover of Sports Illustrated‘s Swimsuit Issue, while also stripping down for a number of other photoshoots.

Talking with People magazine, Ashley Graham talked about some of the ways she's helping reshape an industry that has, for the most part, been full of stick-thin people, making millions believe that it's the only way to be sexy.

“For so long I have been an outsider because of my size,” Graham tells V Magazine. “And I think that fashion has always in some way catered to celebrities or to a thinner idealistic model. And I think now its changing because of voices like mine.”

Like we said above, it's easy to admire a woman like Ashley Graham.

Continuing the interview, Graham discussed why she loves her curves so much and notices that it's a big reason why she's gotten to the point in her career that she has—and she hasn't even scratched the surface yet.

"I don’t think that you can teach someone how to be a model,” she says. “I think you can teach them how to appreciate the unique things about themselves; and I think you can teach people how to act on set or how to be personable.”

So, about those nudes, Ashley, why do you—and so other models—seem to love posting them? Well, for Ashley Graham, it's pretty simple:

“One thing I realized in like posting a half nude photos [on Instagram] is: why am I posting them? Am I posting them because I think I am hot? Or am I posting them because I want women to see what they’ve never seen before because that’s what they look like.”

It's a pretty awesome stance for her to take, inspiring more women to feel comfortable about themselves and their bodies. And, because we enjoy Ashley Graham so much, here are a few of her pics from Instagram to enjoy.


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