The Workout Classes You're Guaranteed To Meet Women At (As Told By Model Ashley Resch)

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About a month ago, we introduced to Canadian model Ashley Resch, who we're really proud to have found while scrolling through things on social media. Well, as luck would have it, we reached out to Ashley on Instagram to see if she'd be cool writing an article for us and, surprisingly, she didn't tell us to leave her alone. We know, what a total sweetheart, right?

Sure, there are fitness models all over the place online, we know that! But, because Ashley's been involved with fitness for, well, basically her entire life, who better than she to give us some workout advice? After all, how else do you think she can keep herself in such great shape, guys? It's not from scarfing down cheeseburgers and sitting around lifting the remote to flip the channel.

With the weather changing from warm to super cold, gyms will be packed with people hoping to keep themselves in shape this winter. That led us to think about some of the workout classes that might be a good spot to meet women at — and, with the help of Ashley Resch, we now know which ones are worth going to.

There are tons of fitness models on Instagram that can inspire us to stay in shape this winter. But Ashley Resch is here to give you firsthand advice on staying healthy and, just maybe, meeting your next significant other, too!

I love fitness classes and, when I was single, used going to fitness classes as a way to meet different people. Honestly, deep down, I was always hoping that I would stumble upon my Prince Charming during the hour we spent together. After all, the gym is one of the top places people can meet, especially since it's a lifestyle that already shows there's something in common; working out!

Although I never did meet that guy I hoped for, a girl can still dream, right? Well, guys, here are the workout classes where you can usually find the most women at, so put on your charm and approach that cute lady next time you're at the gym — which should be easier in these classes.

Spin Class

They aren't easy to do, but spin classes are amazing because most women are always trying to tone their legs, so you're bound to find some cuties here.


If you are looking for a woman with a little bit more anger and a total badass side, hit up a group boxing class and you will definitely find who you're looking for. Remember, she can throw a solid hook, so don't make her mad.

Hot Yoga

I live for hot yoga and try to do it several times a week. It's not for every guy, but, honestly, I find it really attractive when a man is truly trying to better himself and not just trying to lift for "gains." Yoga is a full mind and body connection, so it's a natural workout class to meet (and connect) with ladies in.

Follow Ashley Resch on Instagram to get more workout tips and see why she's one of the sexiest Instagram models on the planet!

Lead image via Instagram/ashleyresch.

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