People Reveal The Dirtiest Secret They've Ever Kept From A Significant Other (NSFW)

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When it comes to dating and relationships there are a few unspoken, but very important rules. Sitting atop the list is most definitely — "You don't talk about your past sex life with your significant other." We don't care how open or free-spirited your partner might be. They're not going to like what they hears (even if they promise not to get mad).

Thankfully, Askreddit user, dubrx shares in our sentiment, having posed the following question:

"What something you experienced in your past sex life that you haven't told your SO?"

Despite the glaring grammar issues, it's an incredible important topic to cover and while the results were nothing if not highly-entertaining, let them be a lesson in knowing when to keep a secret! You shouldn't be talking sex with an ex with your current squeeze, point blank! Here's some supporting evidence for good measure.

The Stress Got To His Head

"My ex and I used to do online cam porn together. My SO knows that my ex did cam porn on her own to make money but she doesn't know we started it together and it was my idea. As much fun as it was, it got too stressful trying to get coins or whatever and it would suck if you had trouble performing on cue, you know cause the internet is so nice and supportive."


Use The Front Entrance Only, Please

"My current girlfriend let me know pretty early on that she is not into anal. My ex used to ask me for it quite often."

Parks And Recreation

"I used to have sex my ex in public, a lot. Like, way more than I've ever let on. 70% of our sex life was spent in public places, bathrooms, backs of cars, middle of the woods. Public sex has become a huge turn on for me, but my SO is a little bit shy and anxious about it."


Not So Open-Minded

"I had a year long relationship with a man. Women don't want bi men. Even though 95% of the people I'm attracted to are women."

Yep, Definitely Keep That To Yourself

"Dated a porn star."


The Classic

"That the number of women I've been with before her is waaaay more than she thinks."

The Remix

"My ex was also my BDSM master and would give me belly rubs and head pets and call me a good boy. I don't think she's ready for that."


Did You Say...Pegged??

"my ex just out of college was super into "role reversal." Long story short, around 30% of our sex over a year I spent crossdressed and being pegged. Mind-blowing sex, but my super vanilla wife probably would have an an aneurysm at the thought of it."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more dirty little secrets from relationships past.

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