'I Gave A Girl My Last Slice Of Pizza' Among The Most Ridiculous 'How I Got Laid' Tales

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If I Googled, "How to get laid" right now I'm fairly certain I'd come across millions of articles suggesting everything from colognes to wear to proper pick up lines to use. Here's the thing though — sometimes it's just not that serious. There's no specific equation that states A + B = a trip to Bone City. If you're lucky, sh*t will just fall into place for you! Maybe she digs your leather jacket, maybe you mention you have a dog and she digs that, maybe she just broke up with her boyfriend of 10-years and is looking for some spite sex — who knows?!

Fact is, people from near and far have found themselves into some RIDICULOUS situations that have lead to sexy-time and what better place to support that fact than Reddit? One such user, Somebodyoncetoldme, must've shared in that sentiment because they made it pretty darn simple for me to conduct research! The following grammatically incorrect question was posed —

"What's the stupidest way you got laid?"

De-bone Zone


Well, That Escalated Quickly...

Seems Logically

Also Seems Logical

Throw Up That Shocker Symbol

A Simple Exchange

His Milkshake Brought His Wife To The Yard

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