People Reveal The Weirdest Experiences They've Had In The Bedroom And Yikes, Humans Are Twisted

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The askreddit community is nothing if not incredibly informative on the more, erm, disturbing aspects of human nature. From creepy one night stands to dark sexual fantasies, these folks make it a point to (somewhat) anonymously share the various ins and outs of their private lives. Let's just go ahead and say, this thread is definitely no exception.

Reddit user, Brokeman223 posed the following question, and while we knew we were going to get some f'ed up answers, we couldn't have possibly prepared ourselves for the hellscape of replies that flooded/burned our eyes. WTF is wrong with you people? Ears? Seizures? What happened to everyday vanilla sex? Did it become too mainstream or something?

"What is your weirdest sexual experience?"

Buckle up, guys! It's going to be a very bumpy, disturbing ride...

I'm Needed Online

"My then gf was on top of me grinding away. Her phone alarm went off and she said "ok, enough of this, I'm needed online". Still naked, sat in front of her computer and went on a dungeon run in WoW with her guild."

Uh, Are You OK??

"Girlfriend had a full laughing/crying explosion after sex once."


We Guess That's Better Than Feet, Right?

"One guy I hooked up with was super into ears. Like, he wanted to lick my ear, then put his tongue inside my ear. I let him (I was young and pretty open to new things) but I've never been do weirded out and turned off so fast. He was crazy into it though, like moaning and shit. I was just confused"

Classic Mix-Up

"I performed cunnilingus on this lady who started having a seizure. I thought she was just having a really intense orgasm ... at first."


We Think So

"Does getting a colonoscopy count?"

Well, That's..Something

"I put my big toe inside another man once."


That's A Big Red Flag

"My ex drew poorly done tattoos of the singer of a band she had an unhealthy obsession with and called me his name during sex."

Hello, We Have An Emergency

"Had a girlfriend who fainted after orgasms - first time it happened I freaked out and wondered if I should call paramedics (and what i would tell them if I did call)."

Could Be Worse

"Guy went to town on my belly button... he got the wrong hole."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more bizarre, yet incredibly entertaining, sexual encounters.

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