People Reveal The Riskiest Thing They've Ever Tried In Bed (That They'd Never Do Again)

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Look, everyone has sexual fantasies. There's absolutely no shame in that game! However, before you go ahead and open up Pandora's weird box of toys and trick, you might want to think about what the heck you're doing. Case and point: these Askreddit users got a little too big for their britches by trying out things they thought they'd like, but now know they'd absolutely NEVER try again.

Don't believe us? Take a look at some of the highlights from this thread posed by Reddit user, rasouddress. Things go south, real fast (and not in a good way). Remember, folks — just because it sounds like it would be a good, kinky, or ever weird idea...doesn't mean in will be! In fact, it'll most likely just be a disaster.

"What did you try in bed that you absolutely will never try again?"

Buckle up, it's going to be an uncomfortable, pain-inducing ride...


No Glove No Love, Always

"Get pregnant. I have 4 kids. Don't need any more."

Yep, Definitely Weird

"I tried to do the little crab walk thing the girl on the exorcist does when she crawls down the stairs. Got a long and painful cramp in my leg."


"Shouting something "funny" at the moment of orgasm.


Duly Noted

"Cheap condoms."

Oh, The Horror ...

"My ex ate jalapeños like candy. One day she forgot to wash out her mouth...... Ill let you guys figure the rest out."


Nope, That's A Hard Pass

"Did a very loose version of "tied up". Just had my hands tied behind my back and I learned very quickly this was NOT something I liked under any circumstances."

Not So Sexy After All

"Whipped cream. Yeah, it's really hot to eat it off your partner, but 10 seconds later it'll smell like dead ass."


The Danger Zone

"My ex girlfriend gave me a handj-b, but accidentally used icy hot instead of lotion."

Very True

"Eating chili. The definition of a hot mess, would not recommend."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more examples of things people never want to do in the bedroom again!


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