Men Discuss The One Thing They Wish Women Did In Bed (But Never Do) And Yep, #Relatable

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When it comes to men and sex, the conversation is usually focused on what they're doing wrong. While it's true most guys don't have a freakin' clue about the female anatomy, there are those rare occasions that ladies too, just don't know what the heck they're doing! That's why we're such huge proponents of Askreddit threads. What better way to tackle these seemingly taboo subjects than by letting anonymous people on the internet pioneer the conversation?


That's why when Reddit user, princessrobot posed the following question, we just had to share it with y'all. If nothing else us these as a jump-off point to being the not-so-easy conversation with your lady about what you wish she'd do in bed.

"Men of Reddit: What is the one thing you wish girls did in bed that they never do?"

A lot of the answers were predictable — you know, like wanting more blowjobs and such. Some of the answers however, definitely changed the way we look at dudes as sexual beings. Sometimes even the toughest dudes just want to be held.

Short And Sweet

"Take my clothes off."


Sensitive Soul

"The very first girl I slept with would always kiss my forehead after I finished. It was so sweet and caring and made me feel good. No other girl has done that to me since. I took it for granted."

The NERVE Of That Girl

"It would be great if, once in a while, she'd be the one to suggest we go get some nachos before sex. I have to be the one to bring it up every single time. Makes me wonder if she's even attracted to nachos anymore."


Solid Complaint

"More boob stuff."

The Next Obvious Suggestion

"More butt stuff."


Spoon Equality

"Big spoon. I'm a tall, big man, and I'm always the big spoon. Sometimes a brother wants to be held, yo."

Not Batman Either, We Presume?

"Be on top more, I'm a man, not Superman."


Sugar, Spice, And ...

"Communication and blowjobs."

Preach It!

"Put some god damn socks on those cold ass feet!"


Fair Enough

"Balls are a thing. Touch them."

Let's go ahead and end on balls, sound good? Remember guys, be open and honest with your lady! Sex is half communication, half worrying about when to pull out.

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit to see more grievances from the male sex about well, sex (never thought we'd say those words).

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