Googling Horror Stories So Foul They'll Put Hair On Your Chest (But We Bet You Search Anyway)

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Google is an infinite source of knowledge that without, life would be a whole lot harder. Sometimes, Google is so self-aware that it's actually creepy. For instance, go ahead and open Google right now. Type in: "Is Google Down?" Did you get a passive aggressive, "No"? Yep, us too! A search engine with the same level of pettiness as an ex-girlfriend is enough to send a cold chill down our spines. Fortunately there are other internet forums, like Askreddit that give us the low down without tracking our every move (well, at least we think).


Reddit user, deadkk posed the following question and we've gotta say, we're glad they did! If it weren't for the thread below, we could have easily fallen into the same internet dark holes. Although, to be fair — we sort of want to Google these things even more. In true human fashion, we always want what's bad for us, or in this case, what will land us on a government watch list:

"What is one thing you should never Google?"

Brace yourselves, guys.. this isn't going to be pretty. Some provide a little context, others are more vague but equally as forewarning. Just please, don't close out and go search this sh*t. You've been warned.

Just Tough It Out

"Symptoms, it'll just tell you you have like a day to live when really you've got the cold."

Yep, That'll Do It

"Google searching images of a current teacher you have. In high school, a group of guys searched my teacher and found pics of him doing BDSM with a professional photographer and that didn't end well with his career. He got escorted off campus and nobody could see him the same way again."


How Meta!

"Google. If you're using Google and search for Google it will break the internet."

We'll Take You Word For It

"Blue waffles and the grapefruit technique."


"Mysteriously Lost"

"Anything regarding the 20 tons of weaponized anthrax that the Soviet Union mysteriously lost right before their fall."

Law Abiding Citizen

"I work in a prison and when I was in training, they told us never to Google "The Turner Diaries". Our instructor told us that doing so would land us on a government watch list. I guess it is some kind of White Supremacist literature. I don't really know because I followed his instructions and never Googled it. Not even at home."


Hold On, We're Gagging

"NSFL...I once googled it to find out if it was Not safe for life or not safe for lunch because I've heard it both ways and google helpfully provided examples , The only one I remember before I noped out was a degloving pic (a hand with it's skin removed)."

A Little Obvious, No?

"How to build a bomb. That's a legitimate thing that you should not google."


Good To Know

"Porn. Bing is WAY better when you want to find specific porn."

To read the full thread, head on over to Reddit for more what not to Google (EVER) tips.

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