What Frustrates Her The Most? Women Reveal What Men Just Don't Understand

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Listen, I'm sure if you spoke to men who have been married for 50+ years they'd tell you that they STILL don't understand their wives. Here's the thing though, nobody is asking you to understand women completely, but if they explain what they want and y'all actively choose not to listen — well, er, you deserve whatever backlash you get! Sorry, don't shoot the messenger!

Fortunately, the internet is vast oasis of information just waiting to be shared with masses of men who desperately want their girlfriends to stop hating them. Yes, your girlfriend can love you, but not like you! In fact, it happens more often than you think. With the help of Reddit user, decadrachma, posing the following question, we were able to pull female-centric answers to assist a few Gents out —

"What does the opposite sex tend to not understand about your own sex that frustrates you?"

We pulled the 10 best to be featured in the video below. Apologies in advanced if you're not comfortable hearing anything about menstruation. You'd be surprised HOW much the ladies really want you to understand it. Can't really blame 'em, it affects 50% of the population, sort of ideal to know your sh*t, right?



Here's Some More (For Good Measure) —

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