'I Was So Nervous, I Threw Up On Him' And Other First Date Horror Stories We're Trying Not To Laugh At

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I've never been on a first date, per say. Ultimately, all of my serious boyfriends started out as a friends. I don't know if that makes me lucky or lazy, but in either event — I've managed to avoid the horrors I've spent the last hour or so reading about. Seriously, I don't know how ANYONE willingly subjects themselves to this sh*t. Can't you just have your mom set you up with someone after she conducts a thorough background check? Maybe involve the FBI too, you know, for good measure.

Problem is, the bad date experience isn't always just about the other person. Sometimes YOU'RE the one who blows it. Talk about adding insult to injury, huh? I'm not really sure if I'd rather be the blower or the blowee, but one thing I know for certain is that the stories below include a whole lotta both.

Reddit user, Jaikus posed the following question and it opened up a big ol' can of embarrassing works —

"Reddit, what's your worst first date experience?"

XXX Ex-Girlfriends

Kids, Man...The Worst!

Bloody Hell, It's Cold Out!

Major Plot Twist

C'mon, Where's Your Sense Of Humor?!



Where Do You Buy A Mini Constitution?

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