This Hunting Laser Slingshot Is The Most Badass Thing On The Market Right Now

Image Via Assolar/Amazon

Ah, men and their toys—it's a romance for the story books, really. And what toy more nostalgic than a slingshot? I mean, didn't every young boy dabble with shooting rocks at innocent birds or crueler yet, innocent people? Personally, I have absolutely no desire to hunt, watch people hunt, think about hunting....you get the point, but I recognize some people are into that sorta thing. I'd use this thing to make my commute on NJ Transit easier, but hey, that's just me.

Check this bad boy out, it's pretty darn badass:

As per the Amazon description—The Assolar SS-12 is a:

The reviews were consistently positive—

"Very well made item with rapid support from customer service,"

"It's an amazing slingshot,Excellent craftsmanship and works great!!,"

"Best thing ever :) :) !!!!!!!!!!"

Of course, with the exception of one, because there's ALWAYS one—"The assembly instructions are so poor they were barely readable, let alone decipherable (no instructions, just pictures). They did not include any instructions for set up to shoot arrows although there was some hardware included in the package. The laser light was defective. I have returned to Amazon for refund. I will order again (once)."

He does mention he'll be ordering AGAIN and his only gripe was with the instructions, so honestly, that's not too bad. It had nothing to do with the slingshot itself!

The best part is, is that it's only currently being sold for a mere $87.98. That's a pretty sweet deal, if you ask me! It might not make the best Mother's Day gift, but why not treat yo' self?? Then again, I don't know what kind of mother you have! For all I know, she'd be SO down with this gift.


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