Atari Confirms Everything You Need To Know About Their New Console (Including Pre-Order Date)

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Following confirmation that a new Atari console would be dropping later this year, we got to thinking. We're not sure if it's due to lack of imagination, or the fact that everything old inevitably become new again, but video game companies are latching onto the teet of nostalgia like it's nobody's business. Frankly, we're not complaining. As people who really wish they could play the games of their youth again, we say bring back the old school and kick the new school to the curb.

While the name Atari emotes nostalgia, the console will be new and of this time. We have faith that they'll stay true to their roots. Why? Because they said they would. According to Inquirer.Net, Atari explained, "Our objective is to create something new, that stays true to our heritage, while appealing to both old and new fans of Atari.”

Image via Atari

Now that a few months have gone by, Atari is back with more information including a new name and, even better, a release date. Techspot reports that the Atari VCS was officially revealed at San Francisco's Game Developer Conference:

"As the names suggest, the former is a modern recreation of the Atari’s iconic, single-button joystick, while the latter is the firm’s take on a modern controller—one that features an Xbox One-style layout. The reason for the two differently designed peripherals is that those who want to play retro Atari games on the VCS will be best served using an original-style joystick."

It seems Atari is making good on their promise to incorporate the old with the new. Techspot continued that the new console will be mix of classic and contemporary — classic in look, and contemporary in design. The internals of the console will be very much up to 2018 standards, containing a custom AMD processor, a Radeon GPU, and that the VCS is capable of running Linux. It will also feature an SD Card Slot, HDMI output, and four USB ports.

As far as release date is concern, nothing is concrete just yet. That said, Atari has confirmed that pre-orders will begin in April. There has been no information released about a game line-up, unfortunately. Our hope is that it's worth the $250-300 price tag. Given the company's reputation, we think it will be.

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