A Brief History Of Athletes Who Got Shot Down On Social Media

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If there's one thing we know about athletes, it's that they all think they're all that and a bag of chips. Hell, isn't that part of the reason why they got to be so good at a sport in the first place? Because they had that inner motivation and "it" factor to push through the blood, sweat and tear to win? Probably.

Well, unfortunately, that attitude can rear its ugly head on social media, too, with athletes doing what they can to get the attention of numerous women, especially attractive ones.

The good news is, when male athletes do such things, the women usually talk about it, leading us to laugh at the attempt and realizing that, yep, these guys are just like us—except stronger, faster and in better shape

Since we've seen a fair amount of instances where this has happened, we figured to give you the most embarrassing times a pro athlete has "slid into the DMs of a model," so let's remember these moments and laugh at them.

Duke Williams And Mia Khalifa

Everyone's favorite adult film star, Mia Khalifa, has had plenty of moments when men have tried sliding into her DMs—with her even telling us the one man who was successful at it. But, in terms of pro athletes, NFL running back Duke Williams might be the most memorable, as he tried while he was already dating a well-known reality TV star at the time.

Derek Holland And Lindsey Pelas

Like a few others, this one was in just good fun, with the MLB pitcher, Derek Holland, doing his best to win over sensationally sexy Lindsey Pelas. After telling Pelas that she was fun to follow on Snapchat, he made sure to drop a not-so-subtle hint to the busty blonde to follow him back, hoping that, deep down, they might exchange a few things on a more personal level.

Chandler Parsons And Felicia Sanders

OK, so the other ones may have been a bit funny, but the exchange between NBA player Chandler Parsons and model Felicia Sanders is actually disturbing as all hell. That's because Parsons, who was watching a live stream on Sanders' Instagram feed, actually commented with "show me your t-ts," which is so inappropriate and so crude that the dude deserves a punch to the face.

While these three examples are just some of the ways that athletes have "macked" models on social media, take a look at all of the memorable ones in the video below—if nothing else, it'll give you confidence that, like all of us, these athletes strike out, too!


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