Puking Lady Behind Atlanta Hawks Bench Is The Funniest Thing I've Seen This Morning

Image via Twitter

Just when you thought an Atlanta Hawks game couldn't be entertaining, something like this happens to change your mind. During a timeout of the Hawks-Miami Heat game last night, some poor lady was caught on live TV puking her F'in brains out behind the Atlanta Hawks bench, making for one disgusting scene.

Based off that video, I have no clue what in the hell the lady either ate or drank, but, my god, it looks awful coming back up. Like, what the hell is mint green looking and, more importantly, how in the hell does it keep flowing as if it were a pouring faucet? This is about the worst thing that could have happen at a sporting event.

However, this barfing incident made me think of something. For some reason, Atlanta Hawks games have become the most entertaining event in all of sports. Don't believe me? Well, let me list a few examples from previous Hawks games that will prove my point to be correct.

I was nearly incapable of holding down my breakfast this morning after seeing this, but it did cause quite a good laugh, so thanks for that, lady. Anyway, hope she's feeling better today — and dealing with the embarrassment that's sure coming her way after being spotted showing her lunch and dinner on live TV.

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