Attention Brits: Sexy Christina Hendricks GIFs Will Save You From The Mad Men Spoilers

See that keyboard lying in front of you? Pick it up and throw it in the sea.

Shut up - don’t question it. Do it. Throw your keyboard into the sea. Tie it to a brick if you have one.

Done? Brilliant. Now you can’t ruin Mad Men for us. You’ve done your job for today. Congratulations mate. Proud of you.

A little bit of context: America got first dibs on the Mad Men finale last night, condemning Brits to a minefield of potentially life-ruining spoilers today. You’re not safe. Trust nobody. Life is relentlessly unfair.

We understand the struggle, however, and it’s for that reason that we’ve put together a few tips to avoiding the spoilers:

  1. Close your eyes really tight and sellotape speakers to your ears. Live in a bin for the forseeable future.

  2. Unfriend everybody on your Facebook, making sure to alienate all of your friends and family with one last completely unforgivable status.

  3. Go for a very long toilet.

  4. Stare at these GIFs of the incredible Christina Hendricks until this all blows over...


_ Images: HBO / Giphy _

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