Aussie Model Imogen Anthony Gets Creative (And Hot) With A Burning Flame Instagram Pic

If there's one thing that everyone who has an Instagram account knows—and, probably, hates—it's the limitations that the app has against showing too much skin. OK, more specifically, this whole #NippleGate thing that often goes on.

For those unfamiliar, for years, models and other entertainers have used the hashtag #FreeTheNipple in hopes of convincing the good people at Instagram that it's just part of their art, and that it shouldn't be restricted or flagged if posted.

While some ladies have voiced their protests in the past, Australian model Imogen Anthony just set fire to the debate—literally!

That's because Imogen used a flame to cover her nipple in one of her latest IG posts, proving that she just doesn't care too much for rules.

One of the sexiest women on Instagram, Imogen Anthony can often be found posting things that push the limit a bit—like this video.

Look, we're not much of a stickler for rules, so if Imogen Anthony wants to post things like this that #FreeTheNipple, by all means, we're not going to complain or rat her out.

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