Meet Nicole Thorne, Whose Sexy Pics Are Enough To Make Her Your Newest Crush

It's not as if Nicole Thorne's just some new face that we've never seen before, but, shame on us, because we haven't featured the Aussie beauty in such a long time that it only made sense that we changed that today.

Nicole, who hails from Brisbane, Australia, figured the greatest way to get our attention was by posing topless and posting some bomb-ass pics on her Instagram account for her 183,000-plus followers to marvel over. Well, count us among those who are intrigued, because these things are piping hot!

The 20-something model also has some advice for all those men out there who think they can land her, via Acquiring Man, when, in a interview a couple of years ago, she had this to say about any guy who has his eyes set on her.

Best way a guy can stand out from all the rest?

"Personally, confidence is a big factor & genuine interest in one person at a time. Oh, and a big cheeky smile never hurts."

What’s the quickest way for a man to lose your interest?

"Best way to lose a girls interest is talking about ex’s and/or being unreliable. If you say you are going to be somewhere or do something, DO IT, there are very rarely second chances from this girl."

Well, that's all noted info, Nicole, because we're really into what you give us each and everyday online, so it'd be smart to take the tips should we ever meet in person.

She's sexy, sassy and knows what she wants, so there's a hell of a lot to love about Nicole Thorne.

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