What It's Like To Be A Sugar Daddy (As Told By An Rich Old Guy)

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An article originally posted to The Sun and picked up by the New York Post details the true life tellings of what is commonly referred to as being a "Sugar Daddy."

For those of you unfamiliar with the term, according to Google a Sugar Daddy is:

"A rich older man who lavishes gifts on a young woman in return for her company or sexual favors."

This story pretty much follows along with that description, although, If I'm being honest it gets a bit creepier than that. No real names were exchanged, an Australian man who chose to remain anonymous goes by "Bernard" for the purposes of this interview.

Over the past two years Bernard has lavished more than $65,000 on “girlfriend experiences” with his online mistresses, who his wife knows nothing about."

Wow, that's a lot of dough. I guess it really depends on what the "girlfriend experience" entails, although we can take a guess. It's not so much a "hit it and quit it" situation with fast cash exchanged. Bernard explains:

“I say [to the women], I don’t want just sex, I don’t want to meet for an hour and just have sex, that’s not what I’m into.

Alright, I suppose I can respect that, no matter how much bullsh*t I think it's laced with:

“You have a nice dinner, you chat, they come back to my place, they very quickly treat you as if they’re your girlfriend.

Still sounds pretty normal, no? I mean, not really. Most women don't make it a point to act like you're girlfriend after one dinner in fear of looking crazy. Of course, the average woman isn't getting paid for said dinner so the same patterns don't really apply here.

“It’s like a normal date, yes you get intimate, and then you leave an envelope full of cash in it.”

Annnnnnd that's where it gets a bit creepy. The whole idea of leaving a wad full of cash for some young, unsuspecting girl just seems a bit off. I recognize it's the nature of the business, but personally, I'd feel dirty.

“I’ve been with some as young as 18. I’m in my mid-50’s, and that’s a pretty unusual experience. The fact they actually claim to like older men and want to see you again, it’s great.”

The key word being, "claim." I'm sure some of these 18-year-old women say they like older man because they know that's what the guy wants to hear. Bernard doesn't seem to mind either way though. He enjoys being a sugar daddy, despite having a wife of 25-years. He concludes:

“I still have sex with my wife, but when you’ve been married that long, a lot of women, when they have kids they turn off the tap, it’s never as good as it used to be, it’s not as often as it used to be. You feel guilty about it, I don’t really want my marriage to get ruined, but when you get older you get that, ‘you only live once’ attitude. I hope they never find out. As long as all the bills are paid and my wife sticks her card in the ATM and the money comes out, she’s happy. She doesn’t check my bank account or anything like that.”

Ouch, so I guess no matter what he's going to feel like an ATM, why not at least enjoy then?

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