This Little Trick Will Stop Your Car From Autoplaying The Same Damn Song After Connecting Your Phone

For some reason or another, no matter how advanced Apple, and subsequently the iPhone, becomes, there are still certain little quirks that drive users absolutely insane. Like how about when you're trying to update your software and there's not enough storage? Or when your phone decides to turn off out of nowhere even though you have 20% battery left? Yeah, these are the moments most iPhone users are pretty darn familiar with — unfortunately. Another moment we're getting sick of? The SAME FREAKIN' SONG AUTOPLAYING EVERY TIME YOU SYNC TO THE CAR! It's based on the first song in your iTunes library essentially which sure, isn't the worst thing in the world, but every—single—time? Eh, not so much.

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According to The Verge there's a few suitable options for circumventing this incredibly annoying feature. Unless, of course your favorite song happens to be first on your iTunes, in which case just go ahead and ignore us —

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