Would You Let This Russian Hairstylist Trim Your Mane With An Axe? (Video)

Image via Instagram/stomindaniil

We've seen a lot of crazy beauty trends in the past few years, but this axe haircut is by far the most terrifying. Don't get us wrong, the results are beautiful. The execution, however, well, it looks as if the client is about to literally be executed.

Russian hairstylist, Daniil Istomin only has a modest 4,811 followers on Instagram, yet he seems to be the only hairdresser in the game offering such drastic stylings, at least in America, as per Bustle. As you'll see in the video below, Daniil begins by aggressively chopping the woman's hair — with a freakin' axe — after a few blows, he begins feathering.

Now, we aren't trained hair professionals here at FHM, but it seems as if Daniil has absolutely no set pattern for his stylings. We're not sure if that makes him brilliant, insane or a little bit of both. By all appearances the haircuts featured in the video above turn out nicely, so, hey! Maybe he does have a method to his madness.

Question remains, is it really worth it? Even if you were to fidget through an entire "normal" haircut, the worst thing that could happen is a nick or two to the ear — maybe even the neck. With this axe haircut? Man, worst case scenario, you could lose your F'in head.

We don't know about this one, guys. Even if it's trendy, we don't think we'd feel comfortable letting any of the women in our life use Daniil services. We know for certain that if we had long enough hair ourselves, we'd never in a million years let this dude near our head with an axe. There's a reason Lumberjacks hang out in the woods and not beauty salons (except in Hipster Lumberjacks, they hang out everywhere).


Lead Image via Instagram/stomindaniil

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