Women Reveal Their True Feelings About The Back Door (Per Research)

In case you guys didn't know — and we know you do — "back door sex" has been a bit of a touchy subject for men to talk to women about for years. It's one of those things that, for whatever reason, has become a bit taboo and can lead to awkwardness or, even worse, an intense argument if you're lady finds it offensive to even talk about. However, that seems to be changing these days, and a new study from the team over at Bespoke Surgical is here to prove it!

The results of the study is pretty surprising, in our opinion, with Bespoke Surgical asking women to describe their back door sex habits and practices. What they found is that, not only are a fair amount of ladies into the idea, but a hell of a lot more are actually all about it, with 25 percent of the women who took part in the research having it at least a couple times each month. Like we said, the results might surprise you.


In addition to the breakdown of women who consider having back door sex, Bespoke Surgical also showed what women consider the most before having it. As most of us would imagine, hygiene and any potential pain were high on the list, with the research showing that most ladies want to pleasure themselves with a toy to see how it feels. Along those same lines, women who do have it would be more comfortable getting something to fully clean things down there after having it.

All in all, it's a pretty interesting study, and seems to paint an honest picture as to what women think about most when considering it. So, if you're talking to your lady about partaking, the research below is a good starting point to understand any of her concerns.

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See the back door sex facts below, which may surprise you.