These Compliments May Sound Great To You, But Don't Be Surprised When She Throws Her Drink In Your Face

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So, you just met this chick on Tinder and now you're on your first date. She comes out looking amazing, and the first thing out of your mouth?

"Wow, you look so much prettier in person!" Yeaaaah, you just messed up.

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Sure it sounds like a compliment — who wouldn't want to look better than their photos? But think of how she interprets it. Now she thinks she looks like crap in photos. See what you just did? You just insulted your date to her face.

If you want to avoid this tragic scenario, check out the list below and make sure to avoid saying these the next time you're on a date — ya know, unless you like getting wine splashed in your face.

1. You look really skinny in that dress!

What they hear: "Thank god black is slimming because you normally look like a balloon full of jello."

2. You should dress like that more often.

What they hear: "Those burlap sacks you normally wear aren't doing you any favors."

3. You’re actually pretty clever.

What they hear: "You're surprisingly smart for such a dumbass."


4. Wow, you look really hot with makeup on.

What they hear: "Without make-up on you literally look like the Hunchback of Notre Dame."

5. You look good for your age.

What they hear: "You're as old as my mom."

6. I love how you don’t care what you look like.

What they hear: "You look like you just fell out of bed, rolled through a pile of dirty clothes, and came to work."

7. You’re like a dude in a chick’s body.

What they hear: "I'm a stupid idiot who still believes in gender stereotypes. Don't have sex with me — ever."

8. You have an amazing figure. You’re really filling out!

What they hear: "You got fat."

9. You should wear your hair like that more often.

What they hear: "Your hair normally looks like it had a fight with a bird and lost, but today it looks OK."

10. You should wear your contacts more often.

What they hear: "That whole sexy librarian look ain't working for you."


11. Wow, you look so much hotter in real life!

What they hear: "You look like crap in photos."

12. Wow, you’re really photogenic!

What they hear: "You look like crap in real life."

13. How are you still single?

What they hear: in a medieval accent "Why has a man not claimed you yet, vile woman?"

14. I had no idea you were this funny!

What they hear: "You're normally boring and as interesting as PBS, but today I saw a glimmer of personality."


15. You have a pretty face.

What they hear: "Your body sucks and you're only hot from the neck up."

16. You look like someone who knows how to have a good time!

What they hear: "You look like a slutty, drunk chick who I might get lucky with."

18. Wow, you look great today. I didn't even recognize you!

What they hear: "You normally look like rotten garbage, but today you look aight."

19. You have a unique look.

What they hear: "Your style is kind of weird for my liking."

20. You have a great personality.

What they hear: "Thank God you have a great personality because you have a face fit for radio."

21. You certainly have a unique perspective on the subject.

What they hear: "Your opinion is so stupid, I feel embarrassed for you."