Meet Emily Wilkinson, The Blonde Stunner Who Snagged Heisman Trophy Winner Baker Mayfield

Outgoing Oklahoma Sooners Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Baker Mayfield has had quite the past 12 months or so. In addition to winning the most prized individual award in college football — that aforementioned stiff-armed statue — Mayfield has seen his NFL Draft stock rise thanks to one of the best season's in the storied history of Sooner football. Beat Ohio State in Columbus? Check. Beat rival Oklahoma State by going off for six total touchdowns? Yep. Lead your team to the College Football Playoff? You bet. So what else could the projected first-round NFL Draft pick do to beat all that? How about get himself an absolute stunner of a girlfriend named Emily Wilkinson.

While we don't know too much about Emily, after looking at her hot Instagram pics, it's clear that Baker Mayfield absolutely got himself a good one. In fact, at first glance, Emily kind of resembles Carrie Underwood. Here, take a look at this pic and see what we mean!

Hey, if a guy's going to date a woman, he could do way worse than one who looks like Carrie Underwood, right? Plus, the fact that Emily and Baker Mayfield have been traveling around together for the past month or so only makes us think that, just maybe, things are more than just a little bit of a fling. Then again, what do we know — well, other than that Emily's got a hot Instagram account that we had to scroll through.

Baker Mayfield was the talk of the college football world all season long thanks to his play on the field and a few trash-talking antics that had people wondering if he'd be the next Johnny Manziel or not. While we'd never wish that fate on our worst enemy, sorry Johnny Football, Baker's following in Manziel's footsteps in one aspect — he's dating some super attractive women. Let's all just hope Mayfield's NFL career goes a little bit better than the former Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner's did.

Lead image via Instagram/ewilkinson.

See more hot Instagram pics of Baker Mayfield's girlfriend, Emily Wilkinson, below.