Bartender Confessions: From Tipping To Drink Orders This Is How They Really Feel About Your Drunk Ass

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We aren't necessarily in the business of glorifying binge-drinking culture, but, if we're being honest, we liken bartenders to real-life guardian angels. Think about it: you walk into a bar, name your drink of choice, exchange a little money, and bing, bang, boom — you feel better. OK, so they're more like legal drug dealers, but, still, they're good people and should be acknowledged as such. C'mon, you guys have seen a crowded bar on a Friday night, right? Could you handle that chaos? Drunk, pushy patrons? Measly tips? The threat of someone vomiting at any moment? Nah, we don't think so. It takes a special type of person to bartend and it's about time we recognize that they deserve a little more respect.

That being said, we've included a survey below from Alcohol.org with 260 current and former American bartenders in hopes of making patrons aware of their biggest mistakes — from the most annoying drink order to tip etiquette, these bartenders tell all.


Drink Order

Bar Behavior

Alright, so, in summary, what did we learn today? For starters, let's just go ahead and say that if you ever ask a bartender for a free drink, you should really be shown the door. Would someone just walk into your job asking for free services? We don't think so!

Secondly, we feel bad for being so judgmental, so, we're going to end this by defending the patrons a little bit. If you want to order a water at the bar, do it! Order as many freakin' waters as you'd like. Hell, throw some lemons in there too. Screw hell with that statistic — any bartender judging a customer for ordering a water is an assh-le, that's not opinion, it's fact.

To read the full study, head over to Alcohol.org to brush up on the all the proper etiquette before hitting up the bar this weekend.

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