Seasoned Bartenders Try And Guess Who Is Underage (Hint: Fake IDs Are A Waste Of Money)

Image Via YouTube/WatchCut

The day I turned 21, I was a Junior in college. I went to school in New York City and up until that point I had sustained my nightlife on the good graces of overweight bouncers who found my drunken desperation to get into bars (underage) charming. I never did anything gross, or slipped anyone money. I usually just straight up told them I was only 18, or 19, or 20....and they never seemed to care. Looking back, they were really dumb to let me in and I was really dumb to ask, but hey, it was a simpler time and I was 30 pounds thinner, which helped tremendously.

Anyway, so yeah, the day I turned 21, I walked to a liquor store after class with my JanSport backpack on. My hair was in pigtails (braided no less) and I'm pretty sure I had on a hoodie with my high school's mascot on it. I looked 15, tops. I wasn't walking into a seedy bodega. I was walking into a LIQUOR store, not just your average beer joint. I knew for sure I was going to be carded. Which, on the day of my first legal drink, was exciting!

I walk in all smug, with a cocky look on my face like I own the joint. I grab the most RANDOM assortment of sh-t. From champagne to flavored vodka, I had what I needed. I walk up to the register, the lady scans my booze, tells me my total, I pay and walk out. SHE NEVER CARDED ME. I waited for that moment for years and it never came! For awhile, I wondered why. Then I realized! It was that very same smug, cocky-look I mentioned earlier that prevented her from ID'ing me.

It's not about what you wear or the amount of facial hair you have, lying about your age to illegally buy and consume alcohol is merely a matter of confidence. Also, as you'll see below in WatchCut's latest YouTube video, most bartenders are really, REALLY bad at guessing people's ages!

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