A Group Of Dudes Decided To Beat The Heat With Waterslide BASE Jumping And The Results Are Freakin' Epic (Video)

Image Via YouTube/GoPro

GoPro's YouTube Channel is full of out of this world videos showcasing everything from skateboarding and surfing to up close and personal encounters with hummingbirds and lions. If you're looking for some kickass entertainment, they're definitely the channel to follow and the video below is certainly no exception. When I first read the description —"Slip and fly with Marshall Miller and friends as they find a brand new way to beat the heat while BASE jumping in the Utah desert"—I basically said, hell to the NO!

I don't even want to entertain the idea of something that insane, but boy oh boy, I'm glad I mustered up the confidence to watch because it's awesome. For those of you who are unaware what BASE jumping is let me go ahead and give ya'll some necessary background information

"BASE jumping, also sometimes written as B.A.S.E. jumping, is parachuting or wingsuit flying from a fixed structure or cliff. "BASE" is an acronym that stands for four categories of fixed objects from which one can jump: building, antenna, span, and Earth (cliff). Due to the lower altitudes of the jumps, BASE jumping is significantly more dangerous than skydiving from a plane. In the U.S., BASE jumping is currently regarded by many as a fringe extreme sport or stunt. In some jurisdictions or locations, BASE jumping is prohibited or illegal."



Seriously, it's a damn shame Summer is just about over on The East Coast, otherwise perhaps I'd make this my next hot day activity. Haha, yeah, no way! But for those of you who are a bit more adventurous than little ol' me, give it a shot! Let me know how it goes .... you know, permitting you don't plummet to your sudden death.

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