Here's The First Look At The New Batman Ninja Anime Trailer (Which Is Awesome AF)

Whatever ultimately happens with the DC live action movies, it's obvious that the adventures of the Dark Knight will continue for, presumably, a very long time. And, after some rumors of a Batman Ninja anime happening, we finally get the first look at the kick-ass trailer for the 2018 film.

New Trailer for Batman Ninja

While the full plot of the Batman Ninja anime film isn't entirely clear at this point, we do know that it involves time travel. Director Jumpei Mizusaki says, "Batman actually time-travels from 21st Century Gotham to the Middle Ages of Japan. And all the villains also actually time-travel, so they have an epic battle in the era of warring states in Japan."

As to which characters will be a part of it beyond Batman, the roster will include Robin, NIghtwing, the Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman, Two-Face, Penguin, and Gorilla Grodd.

The first trailer for the film

American screenwriter Leo Chu compared working on the Batman Ninja anime to having previously collaborated with returning character designer Takashi Okazaki on the Anime Afro Samurai: "[Okazaki] has this great thing that he did in Afro Samurai which blends sort of feudal and traditional Japanese things with technology and modern technology. And in this time-travel story, that really helped inform our adaptation, so it really becomes about the natural world and traditional world versus the high-tech world, and what that means for each of the characters from Batman's world of villains."

We love it when things like this happen, so it's awesome to see the Batman Ninja anime trailer deliver in a badass way!

Lead image via YouTube.

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