Reporter Gets Slapped On Live TV After Accidentally Grabbing The Breast Of Random Video Bomber

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Ah, another day, another blooper for the history books. During an interview in Bradford covering the launch of the Labour's Manifesto, an unsuspected visitor gets way more action than she bargained for. Please watch and then let's discuss, yeah?

Let's break this down per person, because frankly, there's a lot going on here:

The Reporter

I give him A LOT of props for not breaking "character." He definitely remains cool and confident as he swats this potentially crazed woman away. However, was he aware of the full on boob grab? I mean, as the brilliant Louis C.K. once said—"You always know a tit. I could be standing in front of a woman and accidentally bump her through a jacket, a sweater and a bra and I know that I touched a tit." By that logic, this guy HAD to have known what he was palming. Maybe he was too mortified to even let himself realize, or maybe he's just THAT good at his job.

The Interviewee

Talk about another dude keeping calm under pressure. Is he partially blind in one or both eyes or did he really just not realize WTF was going on? He didn't acknowledge this passerby whatsoever—not pre or post boob-grab. Is it a British thing? Do ya'll just keep calm and carry on no matter what??

The Interview Crasher

Obviously, she's the star of the show—no doubt about it. Personally, I wonder what she found so important that she had to rudely storm in mid-interview. I don't think she deserved such a blatant tit-punch, but I don't condone her invasive behavior. I will give her huge props for the reactive punch to the reporter. She didn't give him a dead arm or anything, but she made her intentions known. Girl power!

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