10 Badass BBQ Accessories No Man Should Ever Cook Without

Is there anything more manly than grilling? Eh, not really. I'd say other than perpetual lateness, not answering texts and burping without saying, "excuse me", nothing is more innately macho than a good ol' fashion BBQ-session.

As with most things nowadays, you always gotta amp it up! It can't just be a basic grill and some charcoal anymore, that's so blasé. It's all about the accessories, fellas! Just like women and their purses (my God, I am being so stereotypical right now, I'm going to get feminist death threats). Before I put my foot further in my mouth, go ahead and take a look at these 10 badass BBQ accessories—


I guess technically speaking these aren't badass in the fighting crime sense. I mean, I think you knew that based on the fact we're talking about BBQ accessories. They're badass because they exponentially strengthen the quality of your grilling experience. Who wants to burn their hand in the middle of backyard burger-fest, not me, that's for sure. I'm a woman though, so I don't grill (sorry, I just can't help myself at this point).

The only thing equally as important as the food at a BBQ is the beverages. Sure, you can put out some basic b*tch bottles of soda and a couple of Bud Lights, but here at FHM we think you can do better than that! Which is why I worked tirelessly to provide the perfect summer beer guide in existence (in my humble opinion). Check it below if you're looking for the perfect seasonal drink pairings.