Be Slicker Than Bond With These 4 Grooming Essentials

Who wouldn’t want to be a slick as Bond... James Bond? Follow these steps to take
 yourself from dishevelled to dynamite.

The Pomade

Pierce Brosnan has a head of luscious hair slicked to perfection. Invest in some turbo-charged pomade to keep this hairstyle in place.

Oribe at Oribe.com

The Fragrance

Spritz away at your neck with this fancy bottle diffuser fragrance, ready for the next Bond girl to sniff.

Acqua di Parma at AcquaDiParma.com

The Moisturizer

Keeping your mug silky smooth is key to fighting wrinkles. Why do you think Timothy Dalton looked so good in Licence To Kill? This one has a built-in SPF.

Kiehls at Kiehls.com

The Razor

Get rid of the bum-fluff, just like that scene in Skyfall. Use this razor for a clean shave that won’t leave you looking like a 15-year-old who’s sliced his face off with his old man’s Bic.

Bluebeard's Revenge at Bluebeard'sRevenge.com