Beautiful Women Prefer Ordinary-Looking Men, Science Says

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Average-looking men, rejoice! Gone are the days of feeling pressured to go to the gym and removing the ample amount of hair that coats your back. Your day in the sun has finally arrived! According to a recent study, beautiful women have no issue going after a less "conventionally attractive" man. Here's the hitch though, you have to already have a proven track record with beautiful women, if not actually already dating one. Yes, you read that correctly. The idea may seem complicated, but the psychology behind it is pretty simple:

"Women find men more desirable when they appear to be desired by other women than in the absence of such cues."

Alright, that makes sense. Women are just as susceptible to wanting what they can't have as anybody else. But, what specifically about attractive women increases this desire? Sarah E. Hill, social psychologist and study author explains:

"Society believes that attractive women can be choosier. They have access to a larger pool of viable candidates. As a result, 'these women, on average, end up with partners that have qualities that most women tend to prioritize as important,' Hill says. The subconscious thought pattern: She chose him, so he's probably financially stable, interesting, adventurous, kind and understanding. And these men don't have to be overly attractive; this dynamic works even if the hot woman is with a not-so-hot man.

Sure, you may be thinking it's shallow or competitive, but, in actuality it seems to resemble a very primal, animalistic instinct.

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